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The Ohio Academy of Science
2024 Judging Portal

Apply as a judge for all of the Ohio Academy of Science's programs in one place. 

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Why become a judge?


How to apply

Click 'Start' below to fill in the registration form. On the third page, you will be asked to select the program(s) which you wish to be considered for: 

  • District Science Day (ranging from March 2-25, 2024, in person. District 18, virtual)

  • District Science Day Sponsored Award (as above)

  • State Science Day (April 09-18, 2024, virtual)

  • Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair (February 15 - March 2, 2024, in person)

  • Ohio STEP (March 4-26, 2024, in-person)

You may choose to apply to judge for any number of these programs.

How to apply
Why become judge
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