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Taking AI Platforms and Controllers to the Next Level

We've seen what you can create using Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, and other microcontrollers. We're curious to see what you can imagine and create with an industrial AI platform/controller, the e-RT3 Plus, which can handle hot harsh environments and the freezing cold. With tons of processing power and easier implementation and connectivity with IOs, this is a challenge to take your ideas to the next level. 

In the first phase, we are asking for your innovative ideas on how you might use the e-RT3 Plus. We will select 10 finalists, who will receive a e-RT3 Plus (value of over $5,000) to bring their idea to life. In phase 2, the 10 finalists will be asked to build and document the project, along with sharing open source code.

The challenge is hosted on Make: Projects. To enter, create your own project! Click the "SUBMIT" button below to find the project template that you'll need to complete. The template has instructions of what to include in each section to qualify for this contest. Delete the instructional text when you're done with it. Once you start, you can find your project in "My Projects". Your project will automatically be submitted at the contest deadline.


Phase 1 | Submit Ideas

Currently Open

Phase 2 | Build your Project

Deadline, April 23

Winners announced, April 30


Phase 1



Use Case


Phase 2

Source Code




United States and Mexico


The e-RT3 Plus is the industrial AI platform/ controller developed to be incorporated into various manufacturing equipment and production equipment in harsh industrial environments to implement AI such as machine learning technology to prevent the accident before it actually happens, or estimate quality of the production before it will be produced. Also, you may control various equipment by connecting to existing PLCs.

Sample Project

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 9.57.44 AM.png
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