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Science is in Everyone

The Ohio Academy of Science empowers student-led research for Ohio's future. Explore our programs, become a sponsor, judge or mentor, or participate in our local or state-wide events!

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What We Do

Founded in 1891, The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) is the leading not-for-profit organization in Ohio. Our student programs are designed to create a “Culture of Innovation” and create tangible pathways to Ohio colleges, universities, and career technical centers (CTCs), and allow students to approach post-secondary education opportunities with a true sense of purpose for related STEM degrees and certifications.

In addition, with programs such as Believe in Ohio and State Science Day, students have opportunities to compete for more than $700,000 in Ohio-based scholarships and awards that align with and support their academic and career endeavors.

What We Do

Our Programs

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Compete yearly to qualify for State Science Day and for a chance to win one of hundreds of scholarships.

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The state-wide opportunity for all High School students in Ohio to qualify for Regeneron ISEF.

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A free, comprehensive, curriculum-based, STEM and entrepreneurship program for high school students.

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Bringing Ohio’s industry, educators, and students together to discuss developments in science and tech.

About the Platform

OAS is Proud to Partner with ProjectBoard to bring our programs to life. ProjectBoard is the platform to visualize, document and showcase project work for events and education. Their unique focus is honoring the activities associated with the lifecycle of a project lifecycle, built for engagement and collaboration.

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